xiphoid process

the elegy continues...


the new xiphoid process album is now available!

after a six year hiatus, xp returns with electronegative, a beat-driven, dark electro-industrial trip down headless hole through depravity, torture, sex, depression, bdsm, faith, suicide and death. 

get your copy today. currently only available through our bandcamp site. 

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get your copy today. currently only available through our bandcamp site. click the 'music' tab above for the bandcamp app right inside facebook or go to the official page here:


the past few years have proven intensely dramatic on a personal level for me. sadly the music of xiphoid process has been pushed aside, ignored, at times abandoned, and relegated to the innermost reaches of my psyche as i searched for balance and equilibrium. true, there will always be music in me waiting to get out, like a tired demon awaiting a successful exorcism. and true that it does still come out at times, though unfortunately, it was rarely recorded lately. now, that is slowly changing as i pay heed to an incessant gnawing or thrum reverberating from some enigmatic recess of my consciousness. to be sure, this is not a renaissance of xiphoid process. think of it more as a gentle awakening, as if by the hand of a caring lover, rousing you from a nightmare from which they hoped to rescue you. for now enjoy the tracks i share from the past as i work on new material for the future.

update: summer 2013

over the past months I have slowly been recording a new xp album.  check out two new tracks right here: